Thursday, February 28, 2013

Josiah's Modeling Career

Today, we took Josiah to get newborn photos. I have been following Erin Tole's blog ever since we were just thinking about trying to conceive. I knew that I wanted her to photograph my infant, if ever I was to have one.
It was pretty hard getting him ready and to her studio is Vancouver. He needed to be kept awake for 2-3 hours prior to the session and then feed when we arrived to ensure his sleepiness. It was hard to keep him awake on a 50 minute car ride. I ended up touching his cheeks and his neck with an ice pack over and over, but still sometimes he'd sleep anyhow.
After all my efforts, we arrived and fed him, and he just laid there with his eyes open, just looking at us. We eventually got him soundly sleeping and she got him in all manor of cute poses. I have no idea how she gets babies in these positions and looking so peaceful, and I watched her do it. I enjoyed watching her work, and seeing Josiah looking adorable in person not just in pictures later.
Josiah has been pretty sleepy and exhausted since we got home. He's too sleepy to nurse until he's full so he gets fussy again really quickly. He also seems to be extra sensitive to changing positions, so we try to move him slowly and gingerly. He will, no doubt, return to his contended self with a little rest and consistency, and we will have a beautiful record of this fleeting season of his life.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cloth Diapers

We have been using cloth diapers since we left the hospital. We have 2 Lil Joeys and 23 Kissaluvs, size 0, fitted with 8 Pro Wrap extra small covers. It has been working to change Josiah after each feeding, so it fits well with his every 3 hour feeding schedule. So far, no leaks, no blow outs- even with large meconium stools. We used disposable, flushable liners at first to try to reduce the staining and the need to rinse those first tarry stools so much. It was such a sticky mess, though, that it didn't really help. Now that his stools are yellow brown, we don't even need to rinse the poopy ones, because breast milk is water soluble. We throw them in the pail with the others, then the whole load in the washing machine, run a rinse cycle, then wash.
Josiah doesn't fuss much when his diaper is wet. He acts just like he did with the disposables in the hospital. We've had no rashes at all. No trouble with fit. Not even strange comments at the postpartum care clinic or doctor's office, when they are dealing with it to examine him.
Cloth on the go seems to be working fine too. I just keep 4 Kissas, an extra cover, a travel sized spray bottle of wipe solution, 6 wipes/wash cloths, and a wet bag.
Bryan wanted to bring home the rest of the disposables from the hospital. I didn't ask why, but I packed them, figuring we could give them away to someone who did want them if all went well with cloth. He is doing wonderfully with the cloth, though. He even came up with the excellent idea to put a thermos of hot water in the bathroom to wet the wipes with at night so we don't have to wait 3 minutes for warm from the sink, or use the spray which also feels cold. Josiah will cry if the wipe is cold, but doesn't if it is warm.
We have three diapering setups; one in the nursery with the whole stash - all the creams, wipes, solution and the diaper pail - one in the master bath with a portable diaper pad, a large wet bag and a small stash of diapers, some wipes and solution. The third setup is in the diaper bag.
I have done laundry twice so far. Every 2 days seems to be working. My mom made me a movable clothes line on the patio. I am excited to try it out. I also have 8 wool dryer balls to help reduce dry time when using the dryer. They work. It seems to take 15 minutes less to dry than when I was washing and drying to prep the diapers for use without the balls.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recovery is on the up and up

We got some good sleep again last night. Josiah fussed a little from 6-9. Eventually, I just laid as close to the edge of the bed as possible and gently rocked him side to side just a little. When he quieted down, I just left my hand there. I woke up at 8:30 with it still there and him peacefully sleeping. Maybe, he just wanted to cuddle. I got a shower in before his 9 am feeding. It feels great to be able to move around in the shower; I fit a lot better with my newly shrunk belly.
Mom made us a blueberry pancake breakfast with fresh squeezed OJ. She stayed and helped with work around the house. She did laundry, cleaned dust bunnies, finished prepping the veggies we had dug out of the garden when we prepped the beds for spring planting last Tuesday, made a portable clothes line, and did a number of other little things. She has been so motherly and helpful during this time. I am blessed with wonderful and Godly parents.
It only took us 20 minutes to get out the door for our first postpartum appointment. Yesterday, it took us nearly 40 min. This was the most helpful appointment I have ever been to. The nurse started by asking what we wanted to learn and added all that in through the routine things they needed to do. They weighed Josiah. He is 7lb 7oz today. He gained 2 oz since the day he left the hospital. They had me feed him on both sides and weighed him after each one and determined he ate an ounce each time. They said that's a lot. While feeding they gave me all kinds of pointers on how to improve what I am already doing, and how I can do it pain free. I also was told I am engorged, they helped me learn how to manage my over supply and taught me to use the breast pump. They want me to ice after feeding and pumping. Their effective and inexpensive ice packs are diapers soaked in water and frozen. Reminded me of the diapers filled with ice chips that I sat on during labor. I was told to take these home and use them and re freeze them. They are very effective and keep me from getting wet while icing. I didn't think I'd find so many uses for disposable diapers. Well, maybe now I will actually use those free samples I was given. They also taught me how to deal with the discomfort from tears, what bottle to try first, proper milk storage, showed me what was what on my pump, and helped me get the right parts to use it, and what nursing bras to add to my stash, all in a 45 minute appointment.
We tidied up the house when we got home. Bryan got the living room nicely arranged to include Josiah's swing. I started sorting through a bin of clothes from Katie, but got distracted setting up the breast pump, so I'll finish tomorrow. I am on the hunt specifically for newborn sizes, 0-3 month clothes are way to big on Josiah. I think I found enough smaller ones, I just need to reorganize the dresser so I know where to find them.
Dinner tonight was brought to us by Terry and John Higley. It was wonderful to see them and let them get a good amount of time with Josiah. Dinner was great. We had pasta figole soup, homemade rolls cut up variety of fresh fruit, and brownies. We showed off his nursery before they went home.
Bryan and I finished the movie Hugo while Josiah had second dinner and I pumped. Success! Another 1.5 oz pumped. We have 3 oz now. Maybe, we'll try a bottle soon.
To bed with me now, so I am rested enough to do this again tomorrow.
One of the pictures is showing off my ice packs, not dirty diapers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nursery Photo Tour

The nursery is done minus one picture (the top panoramic above the changing area). It is fully child proof. Everything our child could get to is either bolted down or safe for him to have. All electric outlets are equipped with sliding covers. When the outlets are in use, we have cord protectors. The lower level of- and eventually, when he can reach, the whole- book shelf is set up with things he can have and play with. The full length mirror has a towel bar across it to practice standing. We put blue sheer fabric on the ceiling just because we had it and it looks cool, and babies stare upward a lot. The mobile will change. Currently the black and white one is set up in the bassinet/co sleeper in our room.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Every evening since Thursday I have been unsure how much longer is left. The contractions, and the pressure intensify and make my evenings very uncomfortable. It takes a lot of exercises and some careful positioning and my concentration and then I feel better, well until I have to stand up again or pee or something. I do get comfortable enough to sleep between night bathroom trips, and am grateful for that. By morning I am usually feeling great, ready to conquer the world and again thinking I have 3 weeks left. I can't really seem to decide weather I want to be done soon or weather I want march 7th. My body is so confused!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweetest thank you.

I took care of a patient last week for 2 days. She hardly ever needed anything and was so sweet the whole time. I did very little for her, but chat a bit. She sent a thank you gift to the nurses station for me last week and I just got it this weekend. She crocheted a little dog eared hat, a matching diaper cover with a tail, and a little blue trimmed bib. I have never received such a thoughtful thank you gift. It was so sweet. I got a baby gift from one of my patients.

Friday, February 15, 2013

38 week doctor visit

My doctor fully supported my decision to not have an internal exam. She said my weight, my vitals, and the babies heart rate are all good predictors of a very uneventful (smooth going) birth. The baby's head is down low in the pelvis. His head can still be wiggled a little bit. The baby's height has dropped 3 cm since last week. These mean he is almost in birth position but not quite. She said that the pinching feelings that I described feeling like a Pap test is the feeling of his head pushing on the back of my cervix. She pit one hand flat and made one a fist and twisted it back and forth on the flat hand. The mental image made me cringe more than the feeling. She seems indifferent about weather I am having regular or irregular contractions so I shall try to remain indifferent about them as well.
I must admit though that all the pressure in my pelvis, the discomfort of a mental type cramping, and contractions coming at regular intervals but painless keep me guessing. Who knows when he will come. I have heard of women talk about such symptoms lasting weeks before they progress to active labor. Just as in the beginning each day is a surprise.
P.S. I was grateful for sunshine, an adjustment& massage, a hair cut at Aveda, 60 degree weather, blooming crocuses, a walk with a friend, a great view of stars, and prayer with Bryan all today.

Baby's room

Almost done. Still waiting on some pictures to be printed and a few final touches, and to organize the closet, but otherwise it's about done. We put up the mirror with the towel rack for standing. There is a mirror next to the mattress. I have all the giraffes hanging in a stuffed animal hammock. The mobile that is hanging is just a random one that I have, it will likely end up being replaced by the black and white changeable one when we move the baby into his room. The dresser and changing area are how we want them. The book case is set with toys for 0-6 months. Not much left, just need to add a baby.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I get a lot of comments at work about me being pregnant. I get a few congrats but it seems to have moved beyond that. Now I get more comments that fall into one of two categories ether: oh you are much too pregnant to... let someone else do that for you, or you can't really be that far along you're so small. Today I had a patient refuse to allow me to help her scoot up in bed. I was too pregnant for that. She insisted two other people do it for me. Many people don't want me to pick things up off the floor. I am evidently also too pregnant to take the stairs. This all seems weird to me because none of it hurts me. My doctor says I can keep working. I have no limit that says I can't lift or am disabled in any way. Oh well. Six more work days and then I'll be around just people used to me doing all kinds of crazy things.
I also got several comments in amazement at how I can't be just about 38 weeks along because I am so small. I guess having a long torso is a blessing so my baby doesn't stick out a ton. Also, I was slender to start with and have gained 30lbs, the middle of the range of suggested weight gain.
All this also seems like it should be normal but I guess it's not. I do accept the compliments. I can't say I haven't worked hard to stay a healthy weight and strong. I could have made some better food choices here and there and I could have exercised a little more here and there but overall I worked pretty hard to have just a bulging belly and the strength and stamina to still be able to work. I guess I need to take it all as compliments to my hard work even when it is someone trying to talk me out of continuing.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today Bryan read the Bradley book's chapter on husband coaching and is taking it to heart. When I came home tired and mentioned all the pressure I was feeling, he wisely recommended I do some pelvic rock exercises. I did and I felt better rather quickly. He also reminded me "thou shalt not sit in a chair in private," so he sat on the floor with me while we ate dinner. It is nice to have a companion coach in this. He is doing a fantastic job of being assertive with me. It is not his natural tendency and I know he is working hard to do it. It is helping me through my discomfort when I am too tired to remember what I am supposed to do. What a blessing he is!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nesting maybe?

I got the thank you cards written for my work shower in the morning while I was wanting to be sedentary in front of the fire. When I was ready for a little more action I washed all the cloths and blankets we were given, put them away, organized the toys and put out only the age appropriate ones for the first 6 months. Bryan got the cars all ready with the car seat bases fastened in and the parent mirrors in place. I put the packed bag and breast pump in my trunk. I cleaned up the space in my room where the baby will sleep at first. I hung the mobile there for now and organized the near by shelving to be safe from anything falling into the little bassinet thing. I also went to work on the whole bedroom, hung pictures that I have been waiting to hang, cleared off the dresser again, picked up the mess on the floor, put the waterproof mattress pad on our bed, changed the sheets and washed the comforter and it's cover. I think I can say our room is officially ready, our cars are officially ready and the baby's room is getting close. I think maybe nesting is setting in. I got tired and took little rests between things, but I accomplished a lot.
I started to wonder if I was crazy and going into labor soon when I started contemplating washing the comforter. I told my self I was just being reasonable when I got the cover off and saw how discolored the top part was, and it smelled like dirty boy. We'll see. I hope we get a little more prep time before his arrival, but we are ready enough just in case he doesn't wait.
The last two pictures are a front and back small scrap quilt from Melissa and the bright quilt that Tricia made for me.


I am so grateful for my wonderful friends. I have been blessed with such good ones. It is really nice to know I have so many great people to help me when this child is born.
I am blessed to be married to the greatest man ever who has been and will continue to be a great support and very involved. He even wants to stay home and raise our children. My heart overflows in gratitude to God for the many blessings in my life.
The picture is a quilt made of leftover scraps I had from room decor and a quilt. It was made by Melissa. I love how fuzzy it is!

Work shower

Church this morning was great. I love worshiping in a bigger setting. The music just has a deeper quality for me with a full band and many voices around me. The sermon was on Luke 8:26 on. About Jesus casting the legion of demons out of a man and allowing them to go into the pigs. Bryan and I talked a lot about what do we know about demons and spiritual warfare. We concluded that we didn't realize that demons can only operate under the permission of God. God gave permission for the testing of job. He gave permission for a spirit so to and be a lying spirit in the mouths of all he prophets of Ahab in 2 Chronicles 18:19 and on. We ate at Sharies while we talked. Bryan was stoked to see the Ruben back on the menu and I convinced the waitress to order me the senior portion of eggs Benedict.
We ran errands until it was time to head to the east side for my work baby shower. It was good to see and chat with so many of them. Karen and Steve were there with baby Dorothy and Judy came with baby Lucas. Shelly Coe came and Sheila Ball. Dani came. Jeanie brought Leslie. I got so many wonderful gifts! I only need to return/ exchange one thing and it is because it's broken. Savannah did a great job, and I know Megan helped a ton. The food was all amazing! Ribs, amazing dip with bread, veggie and fruit trays and the dip for the fruit was march mellow cream and cream cheese mix nit was so good. There was ice cream cake. Blended iced cocoa. It was all so yummy.
Karen got us the car seat base and a swaddle designs blanket. Jeanie picked out a ton of cute clothes. Judi got us one of the cute monkey bins and a bib. We now have three super cute skip hop bibs. Savannah got me the under cover nursing tank and a changing pad cover and the giraffe bib. Kayla got us the mobile I've been wanting some cute clothes and a car seat cover. Plus many more awesome gifts.
Savannah found this game where you match the animal with the name for it's I spring. It was crazy hard. I did a team of 3 and we still missed 8.
The whole event was a huge success!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Only 8 work days left!

I got a bit tired today being this was the last day of my work 5 out of 7 days. Now I get to rest? I need to file the taxes, type my 12 page complicated work evaluation, deep clean the whole house, sew a skirt, make 2 baby gifts, throw a baby shower, go to my own work baby shower, see the doctor 3 more times, and maybe the chiropractor a few times, practice/train for natural birth with Bryan nightly, and probably many more things I forgot all before the baby comes, tentatively march 1st. Where is the supposed energy that nesting is supposed to give me?
I cannot say enough how excited I am to have only 8 work days left until July or so! Maybe I'd rather be leaving permanently like Laura is to be a full time mom, but maybe not. I love my job and I am excited to see how things go with Bryan at home!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Bryan and I called his parents tonight. Sounds like all kinds of baby things are going on in the extended family. Several of his cousins are expecting new babies this year. One ended up having a miscarriage. :'(
We also found out that Edwina no longer plans to fly up here around our due date. She wants to drive with Bob. He evidently has a lot of plans for the whole month of March. It sounds like they don't really know when they will come. I feel more confident now how to make plans. I can set up the care calendar and my parents and people around can sign up for meals and help with house cleaning and that way we can show off our little boy one family at a time and everyone can help and nobody will be a stepping on anyone else's toes.
I guess I am just a planner and I like to know what is going to happen or at least what to expect so I can make plans. I am totally ok with them not working out the way I expect them to as long as I get to make my plans. Probably because with each plan I run through back up and contingency ideas so that when things change I feel like plan B was at least an informed decision. So hears to planning for my plans to change.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go.

I spent the day getting things ready for when labor happens, just in case the baby comes early. All my prep resulted in somehow sending an e-mail that I drafted for when the baby does come. So 18 people got a message that I was in labor. Boy did that cause a 2 hour fuss, but now they are all ready! They know what to expect when it does happen. Lol Sometimes I can be really careful and hit all the right buttons and technology still fails me.
Packing for the hospital was interesting. I am bring all kinds of things I wouldn't normally bring on a trip (mostly pjs, slippers, frameless candles, relaxing music, energy snacks, nipple cream). And I had to pack for 3. What a new experience. I have only 3 bags, and one of them is a breast pump that I was told to bring for practice with nurse supervision.
I set up lists for Bryan to be able to access all information needed to call all the right people and places needed when the time comes and all the stuff needed to check me in at the hospital.
I stopped some auto savings deductions and set up all bills on auto. I still need to do the taxes. I think I'm still missing some papers for that so I can't do them yet.
There are still a few more details I need to take care of, but things are almost ready!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Granny Smith

It was been wonderful to watch a more feminine side of my mom that I haven't seen in a long time. She has been making things for me like crazy! She also went through the attic and found all kinds of things that she had saved from when my sister and I were little. She is getting ready for grandma-hood as much as I am getting ready for motherhood. She'll be a great influence on our son's life!
She has been a great help to me through pregnancy. She became my running buddy after Christmas. We have run 3 miles a week together. It is good to have a buddy who can put up with my slowness, tell stories to distract me and encourage my efforts. I am really enjoying it!
The first two pictures are things from when my sister and I were babies. I love the booties, the little green overalls and all the blankets. The next picture is an afghan she made for the baby from squares she crouched long ago. The last one is a fitted sheet and some swaddle blankets with matching burp cloths that she made. The Giraffe in the sheet turned out really cute!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


I wonder if I will ever consider myself ready for this baby to come. I am as mentally prepared as I can be, but there are still so many things left to do. I guess I scared Bryan I to mental readyness when I explained due dates as a ball park so big that two weeks before and two weeks after are both normal. I have been so focused on how first babies are usually late that Bryan kinda didn't think it was possible to come early. I guess he is now mentally ready too and I guess I will just keep trying to do as many physical things as possible without exhausting myself until our baby comes.
On another note, the strange feelings are continuing. They make me wonder if I am officially done running. If walking fast causes the crazy pressure and tingling legs then running probably will cause pain and falling. I took the elevator tonight because I wasn't so sure about 6 flights of stairs to get to my car. I could probably handle it as far as endurance goes but the body symptoms might have been unmanageable.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Strange Happenings

I started having shooting nerve pain/sensations down the back of my legs today. I asked a coworker who usually works labor and delivery about it and she confirmed my thought that they are not labor pains. It is the feeling of the baby's head moving down deeper into my pelvis starting to push on nerves. I am also feeling fairly wobbly. Every day is a mystery and learning experience.