Monday, December 31, 2012


I've been reading the blog of a mom who decided to post a blog for every day of her new baby's life. I really like the wonderful record it made of her first year of parenthood and his first year of life. I want that kind of memory for myself. My memory of my past is not as clear as I would like. I want to try this as a way to remember better.
   We got home from a visit with Wes, Kristy, Bob, and Edwina today at 2. An hour from home Bryan says when we're rich, and paused. I finished with we should buy an airplane. He decided my end to the sentence was better than his plan for an RV but less realistic. It was great to see the family and hang out with all the kids. It is good to be home. Riding/driving at 8 months pregnant wasn't as bad as I imagined but it was still a really long way. We left at 10pm and drove all night to have a little home time before we work tomorrow. It worked well but I sure say funny things when I only get 5 hours of sleep. Something about a plane with it's helicopter removed, and things on top of the dishwasher that's really the refrigerator and other random things. Looks like this New Years Eve will result in 10pm bedtime.
Today I noticed I am started getting that dark line on the lower half my belly. No stretch marks yet. Bryan has been feeling the baby turn flips more today, I did drink 3-4oz coffee to keep myself awake while driving this morning, so it's been an extra active day. I am thankful that so far the movement isn't keeping me up at night or causing too much pain. So far, it's just distracting.
Ending with some pictures of our California trip.