Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/14 Potty Training Update

We have been potty training now for 2 weeks with Josiah. Before we started, Bryan and I both read an e-book about potty training that claimed you could potty train your child in three days. We got it from this page.
Josiah wasn't showing all of the signs that the book recommended but we decided to try anyhow, figuring we had nothing to loose. If we failed, we would still just have 2 in diapers. If we tried, we figured we'd stand a chance at just one. If Josiah regresses, then at least we'll have the stuff he already learned to rely on and go back to.
At this 2 week point, Josiah is not fully potty trained. We decided to continue in our efforts because  we are finding it easier than diapering. It does come with a few frustrations that diapering doesn't but we feel it's worth it to see if Josiah can learn before his little brother comes.

The progress we have made since the last post is pretty big in our opinions. Josiah will now go potty when we are out and about. He will go at church and at a grocery store bathroom. We can hold him on a big toilet without too much of a fit and when he needs to he will go. We can also take him potty if it has been a while and he can make himself pee if we can get him to take the 5 seconds to relax and do it. He will poop on the toilet or the potty chair at home if he is bare bottom. We realize when he needs to poop, but we are having trouble getting him to have the patients to sit there long enough to do it. When he is bare bottom and doesn't sit there long enough he just runs back to the potty chair when he feels it coming and so it works. If he is wearing underwear though he has no problem letting the poop go in it. We aren't really sure what to do about that except to work on his willingness to sit on the potty chair when he needs to go and to leave him bare bottomed more at home around the time he needs to go to see if he can get more the hang of how to make himself poop.

Josiah isn't potty trained at night. He can sometimes make it though a nap now that he will go when we take him. If he goes right before a nap usually he is dry when he wakes from a nap. At night, even if we follow the plan's advice to cut all his liquids off 3 hours from bed time and take him potty an hour after he falls asleep and again an hour before he should wake up, he is very wet. This is the readiness sign he wasn't showing though. He has never woken up with a dry diaper in the morning. This is evidence that his body hasn't learned how to hold his urine yet. So at this point he wears cloth trainers for naps and bed time and sometimes for long car rides. That seems to be working for us while we wait for his body to gain the ability to hold his urine.

Overall I am happy with the method we used. I am happy that Bryan and I did a lot of reading together before starting so we use the same methods. I am pleased with the progress we have made. It would be nice to have it all done in 3 days, but we started early and we realize that. We are hoping that this will help us avoid power struggles over potty training with the defiance that comes at 2 years old and help Josiah not blame his lack of diapers and having to potty train on his coming brother.

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