Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/18 picture post

36 1/2 weeks pregnant. Didn't have the right veggies in the house and potty training Josiah makes it hard for him to be presentable in pictures. I didn't want to miss the growth picture so I took one of just me. 

I have been enjoying watching the fall colors!

The bright yellows and dark greens together. The bit of sun even though it came with such cold has been really nice. 

Josiah was in the way when Jason was clearing out the guest room for the night, so he got a ride.

Playing with the "balls", really balloons that were on top of Jason's birthday pumpkin pie. 

This time of year all the tree farms have piles of sideways christmas trees laying around to be shipped off to various parts of the country. I liked this one's view with Mt. Hood clear in the background. 

We baby sat Ellie Hall for 4 hours. Josiah really loves her and kept trying to take her or touch her. 

Josiah likes to pull his brimmed hats down so far he can bairly see and this is how he looks when he ttys to look at somebody after pulling his hat brim down. 

Super cute picture Bryan took of Josiah and his friend while I was working. 

Fans make his hair crazy!

Car seat static make his hair crazy. 

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