Sunday, November 23, 2014

11/23/14 38 Week Pregnancy update.

I have continued to have a lot of contractions. I think sometimes I perceive that they hurt because my abbs are separated already and that makes them uncomfortable. I read bank on this blog about posts from the same time fame and I described them as mostly painless. I also talked about a lot of downward pressure though as well. Maybe it's different because I went though labor and those contractions weren't all that much different than these... I am not sure, but I am glad to be past the point where anyone cares whether I am contracting or not and I can just wait until I am sure I am in labor before we have to call the midwife and go to the hospital. There's no need to stop them now! Sometimes, and for the last 3 nights in a row I have had regular contractions 5-9 minutes apart that last 45sec to 1 minute and hurt pretty back in my back and lower abdomen like period cramps. Some have been bad enough to make me do nothing but lie down and wonder if the baby is coming. Those nights I do restful things and put myself to bed and see if sleep will make the contractions go away. So far every time it has.
During the day how am I feeling?
I feel tired. I am glad to be only working one day at a time.
I feel best lying or standing. With sitting I have a lot of back and rib pain. I went to the chiropractor on 11/20 and got adjusted and boy do I feel much better. I had no idea my pelvis was that out of place and that my gluteal muscles were so tight and angry.  I think I'd better work on stretching those, I'll need them in good shape when labor comes. I get to go again tomorrow!
I feel pressure. I keep telling people I feel like I have a softball sitting in my pelvis. I don't feel any pinching that I described last time. Although the last 2 days during some of the bad contractions I have felt a pinching that goes along with the achy cramps feeling.
I feel shooting pain down the backs of my legs and sometimes like my knees are buckling. I remember that from last time and thinking that meant the baby's head was pushing on nerves as he descended lower into the pelvis.
I feel like my pelvis is trying to split in half in the front where it connects. It pinches and when I try to stand on one leg or lift one leg when turning it's excruciating.
I can still walk, but I can't really go briskly. I can still climb stairs but probably only 1 flight. I can still work, but not two days in a row. I can still pick things up off the floor but it sure is hard.
I weight 7lbs more than I did at this point last pregnancy. I have been having trouble gaining much here at the end thanks to small stomach space, so at least I am not up to 168 like I feared. I am only at 162. We'll see what happens if I have to be pregnant for another 4 weeks though.
From my posts before I don't really feel that much worse than last time I am just grumpier about it. I'll have to pray for an attitude adjustment to keep me going!

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