Saturday, November 1, 2014

11/1/14 35 Weeks and Contractions Again

I started having a lot of contractions at work wednesday the 29th. I made it through and they went away when I slept that night. I spent a lot of thursday being lazy. We were babysitting Josiah's friend all day and through the next morning because her parents were a part of planning, setting up and taking down a big fundraising function. She and Josiah played really well. There were, of course, fights over toys and at times Josiah would try to hold her hand and pull her around but for the most part it went well. I rested on the couch a lot since they could entertain each other really well and I was tired from working though all the contractions the day before. It was very rainy so we didn't attempt to go outside.
Snuggles before nap time.

Popsicle eating is serious business. 

I started having contractions again while prepping dinner and while sitting and eating I had more than 6 and I wasn't even sitting there for an hour. My mom was over, just by chance, because she was delivering another load of stuff. She helped me by tiding the bathroom and installing a towel hook for my bathrobe so it has a home and doesn't always end up on the floor or the shower door. I mentioned all the contractions to her and she stuck around while we figured out a plan. I rested on the couch timing them and doing nothing for about 45 minutes and they didn't slow down or go away. They were 30-45 sec long and came every 3-5 minutes. I have never had them come that frequently even during my last labor, well maybe they did during the very last stage and pushing. I decided to call the midwife group. Linda, the one on call said I should give it two hours, try to rest or sleep and see if I could make them go away, if not to come to the hospital to get my cervix checked.
Being one day short of 35 weeks, I didn't know if this was labor if they would try to stop it, so we prepped for everything before I rested. I packed a hospital bag. Bryan put the car seat and a bag for himself in the truck. I set out my work clothes for the next day in case sleep was successful and my mom decided to stay the night just in case we needed to go to the hospital so somebody could be at the house with Josiah and his friend. 
When I finally did lay down at 10pm, the contractions did slow down and lighten up to more like every 8 minutes. I laid there for a long time, until almost 1am and couldn't fall asleep. Every time I would get close another contraction would wake me up. I finally called the midwife again and asked if this was labor if she was going to try to stop it. She was uncertain without examining me, and requested I come in. If they weren't going to stop it, I was going to stay home because I don't prefer to labor in the hospital. Since she was unsure and I wasn't excited about the possibility of a 35 week preemie or a Halloween baby, which it now was, I went without complaint. Linda, the midwife,  and a nurse were waiting for me when I got there. Maybe I should have told them how far away I live. Oh well.    
They monitored my contractions for 45 minutes. Checked my vitals and urine which were fine. Baby's heart rate was around 135 which they said was normal. My cervix wan't dilated and was spongy. Linda said I was at -2 and 60% effaced. I was sent home. I wasn't sure how I was going to sleep since my contractions were continuing at every 5 minutes but I figured it was better than being in the hospital. I called in sick to work figuring I would be unhelpful with such frequent contractions and so sleep deprived. 
We got home at 4am. Josiah fussed, so I went in and rocked him back to sleep. I went and laid down and had a lot of intermittent light sleep with dreams of labor and contractions. Whenever I woke up I was still having contractions. Josiah fussed a lot though the night and ruined Bryan's sleep. I am sure ready for this respiratory infection to resolve so he can breath at night an sleep. When he quit fussing Remmy started (by then it was 6:45). She went back to sleep once and then eventually my mom heard her and went and got her up. I slept ok from then until 9:30 when Josiah got up and there was a lot more noise. I was still having contractions, but less frequently and certainly not increased at all in intensity. My mom stayed until it seemed clear that I was capable of handling the two of them. 
Bryan watched them when he got up, and I got to go to work to deliver the bread, my contribution to the sandwich potluck and show off my Halloween costume. They were critically short staffed, and I felt bad. They were managing ok, but I wished I could be helpful. Even the contractions I had while I was there for that short time showed me that I really couldn't stay and help. 

When I came home, Josiah's friend was getting picked up. We hung out had lunch and chatted for a while until it was clear both kids really needed to get to their naps so they left just before one. Josiah went right down for his nap and slept 2.5 hours. I got a one hour nap and some internet time to help relax and read some things and like experiences to put my mind at ease. Josiah woke up in a good mood and wanted to go outside. I figured I could use a walk so we went and watched Bryan work on the driveway. He has been regrading to fix pot holes and adding gravel on top. One area got too deep and widened and is now rather boggy, so he was trying to fix it. It felt good to be outside and up and the contractions were no different than while resting, so I got a couple rakes and Josiah and I raked leaves until it was time to leave for pizza night. 
He was so good helping. He was kinda trying to knock the piles down, but they were so big he couldn't so just played happily with the rake the whole time. 

While out there raking, I was thinking about what I had read about 35 week deliveries and complications, and that every time nobody is concerned about all my contractions, so I decided not to care and just to keep on going as normal as I can and ignore them as much as possible until it is clear to me that I am really in labor. Of course if something seems wrong I'll call but I don't think I will go to the maternity ward again until I think I am ready to deliver. 
The closest I came to dressing Josiah up for Halloween. We have the pieces to a cowboy costume somewhere, but I couldn't find them all easily and wasn't interested in looking very long just for a picture and no event. 

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